What is a green wall?

Green Walls are also known as Vertical Gardens, Living Walls, Plant Walls and Vegetative Walls.

Plants are arranged vertically and horizontally to cover a large area of a wall, and are kept vibrant and healthy with an integrated system of irrigation and drainage. Living green walls include all green wall systems that hold living plants.

The term green wall is also used to describe vertical installations of preserved foliage and moss, as well as artificial green walls using faux plants.

Living green walls

Living green walls are created using live plants. Custom living green wall systems are mounted to walls and built to size. Living green walls are also available as free standing room dividers. The smallest living green option we offer is called a living frame, and is about the size of a small painting.

Living systems

The living green walls we install are typically customizable modular systems mounted to a wall and hold plants in 4″ or 6″ containers. The containers are held within water tight panels and can be rotated or replaced. These modular green walls are irrigated with a timer and pump system. Other types of living walls can grow hydroponically on a fibrous material which allows the roots to form a strong matrix within the fabric and they are watered by an automated drip irrigation system from within.

Currently Off the Wall Greenscapes offers several brands of modular systems grown in pots that work on either a tray and hydroponic wick system using the process of capillary action or an automated, timed drip. Hydroponic fabric matrix systems are also available.

Off the Wall Greenscapes provides free consultations to help select the type of wall that best fits your requirements.


Potted plants in modular systems are actually rooted in a “soil-less” medium made up of peat moss, perlite, and mycorrhizae. Together the benefits of these components provide structure for root growth, prevent soil compaction, and improve resistance to root diseases and stresses.

Hydroponic growing

Hydroponic systems (i.e. soil-free) most closely mimic how plants grow vertically in nature, such as on the sides of trees, waterfalls, cliffs, bluffs, riverbanks…etc. In these natural environments soil is typically washed away by erosion yet thousands of species of plants have evolved to thrive epiphytically in moist layers of moss clinging to the vertical support. There is no space limitation at the root level which allows for a very large diversity of plants; everything from ground covers to shrubs and small trees.


The modular systems distribute water throughout the wall in a closed system so no water escapes forward or behind the wall. With a wicking system module the water is pumped to the top and flows from tray to tray to the bottom. Trays are designed to hold a measured amount of water for each individual plant so plants do not compete for water. Typical watering times are every 7-10 days. The water can be recycled or drained off at the bottom but it is usually managed to reduce waste.

Modular systems can be watered manually with a water caddy, a hose connection, or a tank watering with a manual refill. They can also have an automated system installed providing direct water/direct drain irrigation or tank watering with an automated valve refill. Some systems are irrigated through an automated, timed drip system and are monitored for efficiency and function.

An assessment is required with consideration to the location of the wall and what sources are available in that area of the building to determine the most efficient option.


Interior plants need an even flood of 150 fc / 1500 lux of light provided across the entire surface of the wall for a min. of 10-12 hours per day with a colour temperature of 4000 to 4500° K. It is recommended that either Metal Halide or LEDs be used.

Light sources and units can be determined during consultation and initial estimates for installation.


All living green walls require regular maintenance packages. Smaller living green wall products such as the living frames require less maintenance that can be done by the customer.

Preserved green walls

Preserved Green Walls are created with preserved moss and plants. Real moss and plants are preserved in an eco-friendly way to create a no-maintenance green creation. Preserved green walls can be installed in any shape, size and colour, including company logos or based off of inspirational designs.

Artificial green walls

Faux plants can be used to create a custom sized green wall option that has no maintenance needs.