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your space with

  Green Walls

Preserved moss installed on a curved staircase

Maintenance free

Preserved creations are made using a variety of real, preserved plants and moss species which require no watering, no light, and no trimming.

Full of possibilities

Preserved Green Walls can be installed on curved walls or mounted horizontally to create a drop down ceiling.

Close up of preserved moss

Natural variety

Different species of moss offer unique textures, including the popular reindeer moss lichen. Mix species for a rich effect.

Different moss species


Over a dozen vibrant shades of moss are available to create unique and customized designs.


Each piece is handcrafted from high quality moss.

Low impact

Our moss comes from a reputable source in Norway and is harvested using ecologically sustainable practices.

An eco-friendly process preserves the moss and foliage by replacing the water in the plant with glycerine. This process allows the lichen and foliage to maintain its natural texture as it reacts to the relative humidity in its environment.

The moss is then coloured using plant based dyes.

Integrate the aesthetic benefits of real moss and plants into your indoor space without having to worry about lighting, watering or maintenance.


Preserved moss adds a special touch to your signage

Off the Wall Greenscapes can create your preserved green wall art in any shape, including letters and logos.

Preserved moss wall logo examples

Get creative with preserved Green Walls!

Our green wall experts create unique and beautiful designs to enhance your space.

Incorporate preserved moss in signage

Design solutions

Our designers can create your vision from scratch, or we can work with your designers to realize their existing design.

Create a soothing, natural backdrop for your displays or signage with preserved green walls.

Example of preserved moss wall art

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The preserved mosses are adhered to the back of a thin sturdy plastic backing and are secured flat to the wall using screws. Smaller preserved walls can use Velcro strips that will not leave any holes in the wall. 

We’ve installed walls up to 27 feet off the ground. Preserved walls can be installed in high locations using temporary scaffolding, and since preserved walls need no maintenance, further access is not required. 

We have also installed preserved walls in awkward spaces like stairwells and curved walls. 

Contact us for a consultation to discuss your needs.

Installation time varies by project and depends on size and access. Preserved green walls can take from one hour to several days to install. 

Preserved green wall art will last indefinitely if our care instructions are followed. We suggest keeping your preserved Green Wall out of direct sunlight to extend the life of your Green Wall. 

Because of the moisture content, preserved Green Wall generally don’t need to be dusted. If needed, preserved Green Walls can be dusted with a light duster, but only in the summer months while humidity is higher. During periods of low humidity, the preserved wall may become more brittle and it is best to avoid touching the wall at these times. Do NOT mist with water.

No, The preserved walls are not meant to get wet as any water will wash off the preservative and eventually the moss will deteriorate and never regain it’s natural, lively texture.