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     Green Walls

Living green wall along the staircase at Altea spa in Winnipeg

Full of life

Living green wall systems turn any wall into a beautiful vertical garden.


Reduce stress and ambient noise


Improve air quality and promote well-being

Living green wall in lobby
Living green wall in showroom


Enhance your retail environment

Wide selection of plant varieties

Expert installers

No hassle maintenance plans

Bring nature indoors

How Living Green Walls Work


The built-in irrigation systems use pumps and timers to assist with maintenance services and ensure the walls are adequately watered at all times. Irrigation trays are designed to hold a measured amount of water for each individual plant so that each individual plant can absorb water as it needs it, meaning plants never have too much or too little.

Growth medium

Potted plants are actually rooted in a “soil-less” medium made up of peat moss, perlite, and mycorrhizae. Together the benefits of these components provide structure for root growth, prevent soil compaction, and improve resistance to root diseases and stresses.


In order to prevent any water from overflowing, a discreet drainage line must be installed to remove excess water from the irrigation system.


All living green walls from Off the Wall Greenscapes require additional maintenance services to ensure the health and longevity of the plants as well as the continued functionality of the system.
For lower maintenance living green options, see our Live Room Dividers and Living Wall Frames.

There are many types of Green Walls and Off the Wall Greenscapes will help choose the one that’s perfect for your space

Modular green wall system

Modular systems hold plants in four or six inch containers in water-tight panels. Plants can be rotated or replaced as needed.

Hydroponic walls grow on a fibrous material which allows the roots to form a strong matrix within the fabric.

We’d love to help you create a healthier, more attractive and greener space

Off the Wall Greenscapes specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of green walls.




Our living wall consultants will work with you to help you choose the right system that will meet your design requests and expectations.

Our installers will do a site inspection to determine any electrical or irrigation considerations, or any structural obstacles, so that we can customize your wall design to fit your space perfectly.

The final design concept includes plant selection and a detailed plan for your approval.

Designing a green wall
Designing a green wall
Installing a green wall


Irrigation and drainage lines are installed, as well as any lighting needed.

The green wall installation then starts with building the frames. The frames are mounted and the physical products and irrigation system are assembled.

Finally, the plants arrive and the wall comes alive!


Living green walls need regular maintenance.

We provide

Plant rotation and replacement

Pest and disease monitoring and control

Irrigation and fertilizer monitoring

Monitoring of lighting

Fertilizer application

Leaf cleaning with occasional leaf shine application

And more

Maintaining a green wall

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Light sources and units can be determined during consultation and initial estimates for installation.

Interior plants need an even flood of 150 fc / 1500 lux of light provided across the entire surface of the wall for a minimum of 10-12 hours per day with a color temperature of 4000 to 4500° K.  It is recommended that either Metal Halide or LEDs be used.

For most custom walls the installation of a drain line back into the water system is required to prevent any potential overflow. Our technicians are able to adjust the timer settings throughout the year to coincide with the different water uptake rates with the changing seasonal humidity levels. This way there is minimal water waste. 

One of the walls we maintain is 27 feet off the ground. Maintenance can be challenging with higher walls like this and there are many important considerations that need to be discussed regarding access to the entire wall at any given time. Contact us for a consultation to discuss your needs. 

Regular and periodic maintenance checks include the following:

  • Pruning and cleaning plants to keep the plants free of decaying material as well as maintaining the design intent.
  • Checking on soil moisture levels and managing and adjusting the watering schedule accordingly.
  • Inspecting for pests and diseases and treating accordingly.
  • Checking for plant fertilization requirements to maintain the proper level of color and nutrition.
  • Inspecting, cleaning and maintaining the wall components such as tank, filters, trays and fasteners.
  • Inspecting irrigation water flow as well as the re-circulation and drainage systems.
  • Manual watering when applicable.
  • Adjusting timers and fixtures on lighting so the plants receive the best light levels as much as possible.
  • Replacing any plants or rotating display as per individual contract agreement and requests.


Typically our living walls are maintained on a weekly or bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) basis. Frequency of maintenance visits will depend on the size of the wall as well as the type of plants selected for the wall and the location of the wall itself within the building.  Many factors can affect the humidity levels, temperature and lighting in a building and those would be assessed on an individual basis with your living wall specialist and plant care provider.

Modular walls require the plants to be on a rotation or replacement schedule. This is included in the maintenance package.


Hydroponic walls usually last many, many years and can grow very large, anchoring themselves into the fabric with the ability to grow their roots without limits. Any replacements needed for these walls usually happen in the first year after installation if they haven’t taken well to their new environment and those replacements are included in the maintenance packages. 

No, all of our green walls are mounted to a backing, usually plywood, with spacers between the wall and the backing to allow a small amount of airflow. A watertight barrier is applied to the living wall side of the backing to give additional assurance that no leaks will occur and prevent any water damage to the wall. 

The length of installation varies for each project. Custom living walls typically take between 3-7 days to install, depending on the style, measurements (size), access and irrigation and electrical hook up circumstances.  

We carry Gsky Versa Wall, Green Over Grey and ASI NextGen Living Green Walls. Our specialists can help determine which to choose for your project. 

These are the three systems we currently offer, however if you have a particular brand of living wall in mind outside of the ones listed here we would be happy to explore that option and discuss any pros and cons they might have. We are always open to discovering new and innovative products that might be available!