Add privacy and reduce noise

Low maintenance

Free standing, living, green wall room dividers are great options for smaller working spaces, lobbies or waiting areas.


Create an appealing partition between shared work or public spaces and rearrange as needed.

Add privacy, ambient noise reduction and a relaxing environment.

No drainage or irrigation lines needed

No electricity or batteries required

Water once every 4-6 weeks

Freestanding living dividers are an easy installation and lower maintenance green wall option


A free standing green wall system

A metal frame on a sturdy fixed base is filled with plant cassettes and an integrated watering system with reservoir.

The divider does not need to be anchored to a wall or floor.

Living divider in black finish

Exchangeable plant cassettes

Each divider has room for six cassettes of plants on either side – 108 plants in total.

Plant cassettes can be changed easily and quickly to reflect the season or a special occasion.

Integrated irrigation system

The integrated irrigation system eliminates the need for water or electrical hookups and minimizes the frequency of manual watering needs.

Live divider irrigation system
Water level indicators

Water indicators

The integrated indicator system means you’ll never under or over water.

Growth medium

Potted plants are actually rooted in a “soil-less” medium made up of peat moss, perlite, and mycorrhizae. Together the benefits of these components provide structure for root growth, prevent soil compaction, and improve resistance to root diseases and stresses.


The integrated irrigation system is self-contained and needs no drainage lines.


Living room dividers are low maintenance and do not require ongoing care from Off the Wall Greenscapes.

Our installation package includes a maintenance demonstration, all the watering tools you will need, and a 3 month follow up to ensure the health and longevity of your plants and live divider system.
After the three month follow-up Off the Wall Greenscapes offers service calls and plant replacements upon request (fees apply).

Living room dividers are our lowest maintenance living green wall.

Living DIVIDER Options

Living dividers come in three size options.

Live dividers come in three different heights

The base plate and frame of are made of powder-coated steel and come in white or black.


A steel plate in the lower half combined with the base footing means it is very difficult to tip over.

Easy to move

Living dividers do not need to be anchored and are easy to move.


This unique system provides your living or working environment with an instant green and beautiful atmosphere.

Our team takes care of the design and setup of your live divider green wall to ensure it always looks fresh and lush

We will provide you with care instructions, watering tools, and a 3 month follow up visit

You’re in good hands

With over 20 years of experience in the horticultural field, Off the Wall Greenscapes’ owner Nikki Bouchier is an expert in designing and maintaining living green walls

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Living dividers are 44″ (112 cm) wide and come in three heights:

  • 32″ (81 cm) 
  • 51.5″ (131 cm) 
  • 71″ (180.5 cm) 


The metal frame is 7.5” deep and the plants will extend out further on both sides.

Contact us for exact specifications.

Choose from white or black finishes. 

There is no need to worry about it falling over. The LiveDivider has been engineered to provide reliable stability. A steel plate is inserted into the bottom half of the structure and combined with the base footing it is very difficult to tip over. Simply pushing on it or bumping against it will not tip it over; it would require an intentional force to get it to start rocking and eventually tip. 

When it is not filled with water the Live Divider is fairly easy to move. It would require a couple of able bodies and a platform cart but otherwise it is not difficult to move.

Depending on the season the Live Divider will need to be filled once every 4-6 weeks. The indicator at the bottom of the unit will drop down and let you know when it is time to fill it again and this can vary throughout the changing seasons and humidity levels within its environment.