Green Walls

A zero maintenance option

Faux green wall


Create the look of beautiful green walls – without light requirements or ongoing maintenance​


The most realistic looking artificial foliage on the market

Long lasting

Rigorously tested for UV stability


Overlapping foliage creates beautiful, seamless coverage, eliminates vertical and horizontal panel joint lines, and allows the planting patterns to interconnect naturally.

Artificial green wall
Greenery set 1

Compact planting creates depth and interest and the varying heights of plants gives a rich tapestry of texture and colour.

Add colour and texture with 8 different colour and greenery sets.

8 colour options
Custom framing

Off the Wall Greenscape’s custom framing fits your wall to your space. Metal and wood framing available.

Why choose an artificial green wall?

Great for lower light areas
Resilient in high traffic areas
Perfect for areas with temperature variations
No need for irrigation systems or water trays
More placement options
Artificial green walls can be placed in hard to reach areas
Faster installation
No need to install water or drainage lines
We’d love to help you create a greener, more beautiful space
Installing a green wall
With the assistance of a design consultant at Off the Wall Greenscapes you can integrate the aesthetic benefits of foliage into your indoor space without worrying about lighting, watering or maintenance.

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Artificial Walls can be installed in 1-3 days.

Using UV-IFR technology, the Vista Folia walls can withstand UV light for a very long time. 

The Vista Folia walls have been tested to withstand harsh environments with rain and wind, however with Winnipeg’s extended winter season with extreme cold and snow we do not recommend it for this region.