Free Standing Systems

Looking for an easy installation and lower maintenance green wall option? Free standing green walls are great options for smaller working spaces, lobbies or waiting areas!

Currently Off the Wall Greenscapes offers two different free standing systems:

Both of these free standing walls are modular systems that come in one size and can be placed side by side to create larger units if desired.

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Free Standing units we offer…




LiveDivider is a freestanding living wall room divider. LiveDivider instantly adds privacy, ambient noise reduction and a relaxing environment to any indoor or outdoor space. LiveDivider is planted on both sides with three rows of two cassettes each. LiveDivider comes with a solid base, but a wheeled base is available upon request. LiveDivider does not require any electricity and it needs water only once every four to six weeks.


LiveDivider consists of a metal frame that stands on either a fixed or mobile base. On each side of the LiveDivider frame there are six plant cassette inserts. Each side takes 54 x 4″ plants.

The exchangeable plant cassettes means that you are able to change the plant varieties to reflect the season or to theme with special events or designs.


Benefits of the LiveDivider:

  • Integrated irrigation system
  • No electricity required
  • No water pump required
  • Easy to move
  • Visual privacy
  • Reduces ambient noise
  • Water once every 4-6 weeks
  • Provides a healthy indoor environment and increased oxygen levels
  • Easy to change plant cassettes

The unique system provides your living or working environment with an instant green and beautiful atmosphere.



LiveDivider™ offers privacy and a feeling of well being within an indoor environment.



















Smart Wall Cabinet™

Smart Wall  is perfect for indoor environments such as lobbies, reception areas, hallways and other places of high traffic.

Built for quick and simple deployment, the GSky Smart Wall system is naturally beautiful, eco-friendly, durable, easy to maintain and remarkably economical. Smart Wall features include:


Dimensions | 7’3-3/4″ H x 3′ 5-1/8″ W x 16″ D

1. Fully integrated design – allows for placement anywhere, no need for a water connection.

2. Irrigation tank and pump – water tank, pump and timer are integrated into the base of the system, can be filled by hand.

3. Non-spilling – no water ever falls forward of the system, so no need to worry about mopping up a wet floor!

4. Design-ability – a wide variety of plants can be used in the wall (depending on light) and various patterns can be laid out.  You can even place several of them in a row to create a larger Green Wall! Each cabinet takes 96 x 4″ potted plants.

5. Colors – several different colors to choose from.




Smart Wall Gsky

Stack the walls side-by-side to create a larger wall















Off the Wall Greenscapes offers FREE consultations and estimates and would love to work with you to create a more interesting, healthier, greener environment for your business or residency.

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