Live Frames

Live frames are an easy, low maintenance addition to both the office and the home environment.  Add interesting beautiful decor to any wall by simply hanging them like a picture frame!

Currently Off the Wall Greenscapes offers the following live picture frames:

There are 4 sizes containing easily removable and replaceable cartridges.

Each cartridge holds 9 plants, the largest sized frame holds 36 plants.

Standard frames come in Silver, black or white and can also be custom designed with a logo, colour or pattern, just ask!

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  • Installation included
  • Maintenance: This product is low-maintenance

Our customized estimates can include delivery and installation.

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Live Frames we offer…





LivePicture® is a piece of living artwork that bridges the gap between plants and art.




Size Options



How it Works

LivePicture® has a patented self watering system hidden behind the frame. The bottom of the wick clips into the water reservoir and sucks water up to the plant roots via capillary action. There is a pre-installed soil brick/sponge in front of the wick. The soil medium is rich with nutrients and gives the plants’ roots something to grow in. You only need to add water once every six weeks.





LivePicture® is lightweight and can be installed using 2-3 simple wall anchors. The unit is very slim and looks great from all angles.


Off the Wall Greenscapes offers FREE consultations and estimates and would love to work with you to create a more interesting, healthier, greener environment for your business or residency.

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