Custom Green Walls

Custom green walls can bring many benefits to your business or home. Not only can they present a bold, green image but they can also contribute the the overall well-being of the building occupants.

Off the Wall Greenscapes offers several different Custom Green Wall Systems and our expert horticulturists will work with you from the design and installation phase to customizing a professional maintenance program to insure a long lasting, healthy living wall. Check out some of the systems we offer here:

Most of the custom green walls offered by Off the Wall Greenscapes are potted modular systems that use a soil-less medium and are irrigated by a wicking system using capillary action and is distributed using a drip system. The general structures are similar in all of these modules but they each have their own unique design, function and look. We offer one non-modular system which can be described in more detail here. 

We offer a diverse selection of systems in order to truly customize your living wall and we are constantly expanding our selection based on our expert research and experience. Depending on the desired location, accessibility and personal requirements we will help you choose which one best fits your environment and needs.

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Our customized estimates include installation and maintenance services.

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Benefits of green walls

People have been adding plants to home and office environments for decades as home decor pieces; however, it has now been proven that ordinary plants serve a far greater purpose than that.

The benefits of having plants in the workplace are endless, and the truth is having plants inside can be one of the healthiest choices anyone can make.

Why choose green walls for your business or living space?

Green wall products we offer…

Versa Wall™

Green wall examples

Amazing possibilities of colour and texture made with the Versa Wall!  A few of the custom walls featured here are at Twitter Inc. in San Francisco, CA. (Middle, 225 sq ft) and the L.L. Bean store in the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. (Bottom Left, 210 sq ft).

Take a video tour of the Versa Wall system:


Further details are available on the functionality of the Versa Wall modular wall system during your consultation, including the irrigation, lighting and framing option.



NextGen Living Walls

NextGen Living Walls

NextGen Living walls are a customizable, modular system that can fit 4″, 6″ or 8″ pots.  The potted plants are placed directly into the trays and have a wick insert for taking up water through capillary action. They are easily replaceable and maintainable.

Each tray section has drain hoses that deliver water from top to bottom until they are all full.

This system can be irrigated manually or controlled with a pump and timer.


GrowUp Green Walls

The Sustainability of the GrowUp System

GrowUp’s plant bags are made using recycled plastic soft drink bottles! Unfortunately, around 13 million tonnes of plastic bottles finds its way into our oceans, where its ingested by marine and birdlife, according to the Independent UK.

Who doesn’t love an ice cold bottle of Coke on a hot Summer’s day? This being said, it comes as no surprise when you hear that Coca-Cola produces approximately 110 billion plastic bottles per year. Unfortunately, around 13 million tonnes of this plastic finds its way into our oceans, where its ingested by marine and birdlife, according to the Independent UK.

The plant bags for each hexagonal module of the GrowUp system are made from recycled plastic Coke bottles – helping put some of that excess plastic to good use, instead of it landing in the gullet of a dolphin or whale.

How it Works!

The GrowUp system is fully automated by a simple pump and drip-irrigation system.  The water is collected in the tanks and redistributed throughout the plant wall.

The GrowUp wall consists of a hexagon pot, a geo-textile planting bag, and an aluminium rail. The bag is planted and tied into the pot. The pot then hangs off the rail.

Our unique hex pot can give an instant effect on day one. No more waiting for your wall to look good!

Take a video tour of the GrowUp green wall system:

Green Over Grey

“At Green over Grey™ we take a different approach and think outside (of) the box! We look to nature for inspiration. Thousands of plant species can grow vertically in no soil at all, as long as their roots remain moist. The material that we use retains moisture and nutrients allowing the plants to thrive. The roots are free to grow throughout the living wall and end up forming a strong matrix. Therefore over time the strength of the system actually increases. This allows us to design living walls with larger plants, such as bushes, shrubs and small trees.”

For more information on the Green Over Grey walls please contact us at Off the Wall Greenscapes! 


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